Environmental Justice & Decolonisation

Environmental Justice & Decolonisation

January 28 2018

Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog, Linawag Press

Dog Eat Dog is a game about colonialism and its consequences. It’s a tabletop roleplaying game in which one player takes the role of the colonizing forces, and the others each play a character from the colonized people. Through the game, they collectively create a story together, deciding everyone’s fate.

Idle No More Blockade

Idle No More Blockade, âpihtawikosisân

You play the character sâkowêw, a Cree girl who is sent by her Elders to gather land defenders from the city. The evil Enkoch Industries are planning to do some exploration on the Sundance field, and want to run a pipeline across the entire territory!

My Grandmother's Lingo

My Grandmother’s Lingo, SBS Australia

My Grandmother’s Lingo , a voice-activated interactive animation that tells the story of a young Aboriginal woman who is fighting to save her Indigenous language. This game is a great way to start a discussion about the ways that capitalism and colonialism endanger indigenous languages and cultures, and on the importance of fighting back.


Oiligarchy, Molleindustria

Play as the CEO of an oil company maximizing profits and drilling for oil around the globe, in an effort to keep shareholders satisfied. A satire that tries to show many aspects of the oil industry as well as its evolution and spreading destruction since the mid 20th century to the near future.

Thunderbird Strike

Thunderbird Strike, Elizabeth Lapensée

Play as thunderbird protecting Turtle Island with searing lightning against the snake that threatens to swallow the lands and waters whole. The creator of this game has been harassed by oil companies and their allies, supposedly for “promoting ecoterrorism,” as part of a broader attempt to suppress indigenous resistance against pipelines.

Cards Against Colonialism

Cards Against Colonialism, Native Teaching Aids

A card game that is a modification (“mod”) of the game Cards Against Humanity. This game is intended as a work of satire and to acknowledge the stereotypes of the indigenous communities. “Cards Against Colonialism attempts to embrace the modern Native Culture, and allows us to learn and laugh at the same time.”


Ehdrigohr, Allen Turner

A tabletop role-playing game in a fantasy world inspired by the myths and folklore of indigenous cultures around the world, rather than the usual euro-medieval tropes.

Phone Story

Phone Story, Molleindustria

Phone Story is a game for smartphone devices that attempts to provoke a critical reflection on its own technological platform. Under the shiny surface of our electronic gadgets, behind its polished interface, hides the product of a troubling supply chain that stretches across the globe. This mobile game was made as a critique of the supply chain and colonialism in the production of smartphones. It was banned by Apple from its stores.
Content Warning - Suicide

Quest For Oil

Quest For Oil, Maersk Drilling

This game is an example of the rhetoric and worldview of oil companies and how they portray and justify their actions. It is a good starting point for discussions of the roles of corporations and mainstream discourse around oil. Made by Maersk, a major oil company, this institutional game aims to take players “on a quest for one of today’s most indispensable resources – oil”.

Under Siege

Under Siege, Afkar Media

Under Siege is an answer to the manner that arabs are typically depicted in western “first-person shooter” videogames, particularly in the game America’s Army, which was produced as a propaganda effort by the US military. The game tells the story of a Palestinian family during the second intifada. The game is difficult to find nowadays, but it’s relatively easy to find videos on YouTube.