Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a Game Curious event?

We meet, play games and talk about them, like a book club for games! In this year’s edition, a Game Curious session will have two parts: we start by playing a variety of games related to the topic of the week and then we discuss them as a group. We’ve also invited people from different local organizations and collectives to share their experiences and explain a bit about what they do.

I’ve been to Game Curious last year. How will this year’s edition be different?

If you came to Game Curious before, you’re welcome to join us again. This year, we will focus on how various social and environmental issues are addressed through digital games, and are teaming up with local grassroots organizations and collectives. There will be different games to play, new people to meet and important topics to discuss so feel welcome to participate again (and bring your friends!).

What kinds of games will we be playing and discussing?

Each week, we’ll pick games that are centred around a specific topic. We plan to include issues such as pipelines and the oil industry, immigration and borders, indigenous cultures and anti-colonial resistance, policing and prisons, and feminism and consent. As soon as we have a confirmed list of topics and partner organizations, we’ll post it here.

Is it okay if I want to participate just in one day?

Yes! You don’t have to come every week, so feel free to participate only in the sessions with the topics that interest you the most. At the same time, we encourage you to come to all sessions, play the games and get to meet and know more about the partner organizations and collectives.

Do I have to pre-register or pay?

No, Game Curious is a free event, no need for registration or payments.

I don’t really play video games / I haven’t played a videogame for years / I only play casual games on my phone! Is this program for me?

Yes, absolutely! Game Curious is aimed at people who are curious about video games and who are interested in how games can connect with social justice struggles and anti-oppression. Whether you’re an artist, an activist, a student, a parent, or haven’t picked up a controller in years, we feel there is a game out there for everyone (or perhaps, you will be the one to make it!).

I’m a hardcore gamer / game developer. Is this program for me?

Game Curious is about bringing together people who might not be that familiar with games to play, discuss and make them. If you’re already well-established in gaming communities or the industry we ask that you try and bring along a friend who may not be as familiar with games but would like to know more. This year we will have sessions with people from different grassroots organizations, so feel welcome if you’d like to know more about their work. We also ask that you please be respectful when commenting or playing the games. We are all here to learn from each other and our lived experiences, so keep in mind that everyone has something to contribute regardless of their background or previous familiarity with video games.

Will participants learn how to make games?

The showcases will be more focused on playing and discussing, but we’re also planning on holding a few game making workshops, as well as a game jam shortly afterwards.

My child is under 14. Can they still participate?

Yes, as long as permission is given by their guardian or are accompanied by an adult. We will also provide childcare at our events.

What are safer spaces? Is there a safer space policy in Game Curious?

Safer spaces are supportive, non-threatening environments that encourage open-mindedness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety, particularly for marginalized groups. All participants in Game Curious are expected to read and abide by our Safer Space policy. Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and all other forms of discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. The full text of the policy is available here. Printed copies will also be available at the events.

I really like Game Curious! How can I get involved or help organize the event?

We are a volunteer-run organization and we are always welcoming new members and volunteers! We have prepared a basis of unity document to explain our ideas and values and you can join as long as you agree to uphold them. You can email usand we will tell you more about it. We will also hold meetings specifically for new members a few times a year, starting right after the series of showcases. Also, you can always help by sharing our events so that more people get to know about Game Curious!

I’d like to propose a different topic for the showcases.

That’s great! You can contact us via email or via our Facebook page to propose topics for our events or suggest grassroots organizations for us to contact. You can also join us in organizing the events if you want (see question above)!

I really like Game Curious. Is it possible to bring it to my organization / school / collective?

We are always interested in working with different partners and we’d love to discuss organizing showcases or workshops together. You can contact us to talk about it via our email.