Immigration & Borders

Immigration & Borders

January 21 2018


Borders, Macua Studios

A game created by the son of Mexican immigrants to the US. His parents told him stories about the dangers of the border crossing between these two countries, which inspired this game about crossing while trying to evade the Border Police and survive dehydration.

Bury Me, My Love

Bury Me, My Love, The Pixel Hunt, Figs

A game about a young Syrian woman’s story since leaving Syria as a refugee. The game narrative talks about people’s experiences of the violence of war and life as a refugee separated from family and loved ones. The game is played by receiving text messages on your phone, and can be played in real time.

I'll Take Care Of It

I’ll Take Care Of It, Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda

Navigate the story of Cecilia, a latina immigrant seeking protection by consulting a bruja in her neighborhood.” A game about solidarity and resistance in the face of oppression by police and systemic threats to immigrants.

Papers, Please

Papers, Please, Lucas Pope

In this game you play a border agent within an increasingly complex bureaucracy, whose job it is to control travellers crossing the border. Papers Please is about the way individuals can be trapped in a system which leaves them very little room to maneuver. But where there is oppression, there is always resistance…


Penalties, Soha Kareem

Autobiographical game on the experience of a Palestinian refugee to Canada. “An escape-the-room horror in which a nameless character wakes up in an unknown room with their mouth wired shut. Its objective is not only to escape the room, but to believe that the room can be escaped.”
Content Warning - Self-Harm

Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen, Nuclear Fishin’ Software

Four Horsemen is a visual novel about homelands and the immigrant experience. Play as a group of four contemporary immigrant teenagers trying to find a place for themselves in a present-dystopian country that has no place for them.


North, Outlands

A game in which the player applies for asylum in a strange city. It’s a good starting point for discussions of displacement, being surrounded by a new context in which previous knowledge and relationships are erased.


PeaceMaker, Impact Games

Play as the Israeli prime minister or the president of the Palestinian Authority. The game attempts to touch on the complex ways in which borders are enforced and established in the Israeli occupation of Palestine, as well as the colonial character of that occupation.

Real Lives

Real Lives, Educational Simulations

A simulation based on statistical data about the living conditions in different countries in the world. Just like in real life, you don’t choose your birthplace, which is selected randomly. The situations that emerge during the life of a character can spark discussions about inequality, global distribution of wealth and other large-scale systems.