Policing & Prisons

Policing & Prisons

February 4 2018


Anarcute, Anarteam

Take control of a crowd of cute rioters, fight back against the police, and break your friends out of jail!


An/Other, Jordan Sparks

An/Other simulates a single day in the life of a Black man and shows how racism in Canadian society actually works—sometimes systemic and obvious, mostly mundane and insidious. The game is based on the creator’s personal experiences with racism, and touches on the issue of carding and racial profiling by police.

These Violent Games (Esses Games Violentos Proibidão)

These Violent Games (Esses Games Violentos Proibidão), Various Artists

Games produced in 2014-2015, Porto Alegre, through art classes in the Escola Estadual Tom Jobim. The authors of the playable situations use nicknames because they are under-age and restricted to an institution for adolescents in conflict with the law. The project was directed by Pedro Paiva, who is also responsible for coding and sound.
Content Warning - Depictions of violence.

Riot - Civil Unrest

Riot - Civil Unrest, IV Productions

This game allows you to play as the rioters or the police, but suggests, through its rules, that particular tactics or strategies are more desirable than others.
> “As civil crisis deepens and inequality tears the very fabric of society the discontentment of the masses manifests itself in violent public disturbances and civil disorder.”

ACAB 2 — Protesters Revenge (Molotov Edition)

ACAB 2 — Protesters Revenge (Molotov Edition), alexandertvgr

A light-hearted browser game where you launch molotov cocktails at riot cops.


…&maybetheywon’tkillyou, Akira Thompson

…&maybetheywon’tkillyou is a performative empathy experience about being poor and Black in America. Participants must journey to the local corner store in their own neighborhood while deflecting various micro-aggressions as well as harassment by law enforcement. Choose to speak out or remain silent, and deal with the consequences of your choices.