Game Curious Montreal Collective Safer Space Policy

The Game Curious Montreal Collective is dedicated to fostering a safer space at all events: this means creating an environment where people who are typically excluded from or marginalized in game-related spaces feel welcome and respected. The goal of safer spaces is to encourage all participants to work together to prevent or reduce harm, particularly for those who are often the targets of violence and harassment. Oppressive behaviour that makes others feel unsafe will not be tolerated.

Such behaviours include – but are not limited to – offensive actions or verbal comments (related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, language, socioeconomic standing, or otherwise), sexually demeaning images in public spaces, intimidation, stalking, photography or recording without consent, disruption or highjacking of inclusive discussions, inappropriate or non-consensual physical contact, and unwelcome attention of any type. Because individuals might feel unsafe for reasons not necessarily covered in the above list, the Game Curious Montreal Collective recognizes that the safety of the space depends on a variety of factors including subject matter, context, the individual and group identities of the attendees and organizers, and physical location. As such, it is important that all participants in Game Curious spaces and events be considerate, mindful, and respectful of other participants and strive to make the space safe at that specific time, for those specific people, in that specific context, rather than simply adhering to a pre-established ‘do-and-don’t’ list.

Participants whose behaviour is making others around them feel unsafe will be asked to cease the offending behaviour and will be expected to comply or leave the space immediately. If a participant continues the offending behaviour, organizers may take any action they deem appropriate to remedy the situation, including issuing verbal warnings, written warnings, and temporary or permanent expulsion from showcases, workshops and other events run by the collective.

If you feel that someone is making the space unsafe for you, if you notice that someone else is being made to feel unsafe, or if you have any other concerns, please contact an organizer. Organizers and volunteers will be happy to help participants contact venue security, provide escorts, or otherwise help you to feel safe for the duration of the events. We value your attendance.

  • Email address of organizers:
  • Local sexual assault hotline: 514 398-8500 SACoMSS
  • Local emergency and non-emergency medical: 911
  • Local taxi company: Taxi Diamond 514 273-6331

Attendance at Game Curious Montréal venues and social events implies that the participants agree to, and will abide by, these rules.

The text for this policy is adapted from the MRGS Safer Space policy and the Geek Feminism Conference Anti-Harassment policy