Voici une sélection de ressources et d’outils pour développer votre propre jeu!
Here is a selection of tools and resources to make your own games!

Numérique - Digital

Description Langages
Twine Débutant.e/Beginner Narrative-focused, text-based adventures leveraging web technologies HTML
Ink Débutant.e/Beginner Narrative-focused, text-based adventures using Inkle’s custom system ink
Game Maker Débutant.e/Beginner Beginner-friendly game engine for making 2D games GML
RPG Maker Débutant.e/Beginner Beginner-friendly game engine for making 2D Role-Playing Games RPG visual programming, Ruby
PuzzleScript Débutant.e/Beginner Beginner-friendly HTML-based puzzle making tool. Uses its own simplified scripting language. PuzzleScript
LÖVE Débutant.e/Beginner 2D game engine allowing for a variety of styles. More advanced than prior engines, but simpler than Intermediate-level engines LUA
Godot Engine Intermédiaire/Intermediate 2D and 3D game engine, featuring a visual script editor, and a Python-like scripting language. Also supports a variety of other languages. GDscript, C#
Unity Intermédiaire/Intermediate 2D and 3D game engine popularised by its use from a number of independent developers C#, JS
Cocos 2D Avancé/Advanced Cocos2d-x is an open-source game framework written in C++, with a thin platform dependent layer. It is widely used to build games, apps and other cross platform GUI based interactive programs. There are also JavaScript and Lua bindings included! C++, JavaScript, XNA, Swift, Python

Tutoriels - Tutorials

Godot Docs Official Godot Engine documentation. Features tutorials for getting started, as well as some advanced stuff
GDQuest A series of tutorials focused on the Godot Game engine

Autres ressources - Other resources

GameDev Notebook - Nous avons pris un carnet qui avait été distribué lors de la conférence GDC, et nous l’avons modifiés! Amusez-vous et sentez-vous libres de remixer! (Anglais seulement)
We hacked a Notebook that was distributed at GDC. Enjoy and feel free to remix!